Iris Silverio, Producer & Actress

“Highly recommend Pope. He is highly intelligent & works well with colleagues. I enjoyed working with Pope and would definitely work with him again in the near future.”


Julia Grob, Producer & Actress 

“Pope is a talented and diligent stage manager and lighting designer. He has gone above and beyond in our work together.”


Jacek Lesniak, Asst Lighting Designer, Rome Neal Productions 

“Always professional with great attitude. Helpful and patient, good organizer.”


Lina Sarrello, Actress/Writer/Instructor, H.A.D.A. Creations

“I have had the pleasure to work with Pope on a few projects and he has always been a pleasure to work with. Pope is very professional and savy. He is able to be flexible and think on his feet, and always delivers top quality work. He would be an asset to any project.”


Lori Payne, Director, Producer & Author

“As a director and producer, I have worked with pope on three productions. Pope is consistent and consistently great. His knowledge of lighting design is expansive; he understands and uses the dramatic tools of lighting to make every show that much better. I recommend Pope very highly. Lori Payne Director, Producer Author: Ulterior Side Dishes, Catherine Street, House of The Enemy”


Matthew Cummings, Actor, Two Cups and a String

“Pope was our music producer for “The Present’s Tiny Point” and did and exceptional job. The show garnered great acclaim in no small part thanks to Pope’s efforts. I’d certainly work with him again and highly recommend him.”


Ed Malin, Contract Department, Bloomberg, L.P.

“Pope masterfully handled all the technical aspects of several productions. While all I did was the writing, Pope made sure that the high school students who worked so hard on their show could be seen and heard by the auditorium. And the audience loved what they saw. Hats off to Pope!”


Becca Bandiere, Exec Assistant, Blume Media Group

“Pope was one of the nicest, easiest going people I have ever dealt with. He would do anything needed and NEVER ever complained about having to do any of it (and it was not fun work). He always got whatever had to be done, done while dealing with many different peoples many differentt quirks. He was fun to be around too. I really enjoyed his manner.” S


Jeremy Handelman, CEO Off The Leash Productions

“Pope came on board to replace a stage manager and hit the ground running with my first theater production. He covered all the bases and was a pleasure to work with. Since then, Pope has worked with me as both a stage manager and a lighting designer. Highly recommended.”


Frank Perez, Award Winning Writer & Director

“Pope is a professional, it has been my pleasure to work with him on several occasions. Always prepared and able to improvise at a moments notice. Which is important in my field. I highly recomend him to anyone looking for professional services.”

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