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Actuator Incorporated is a full-service, minority – and woman-owned production firm specializing in production management, theatrical design, large scale & high profile events.  Actuator Inc’s Mission is to educate, empower and inspire minorities through the arts & community service. Operated by Pope Jackson & Nicole Beauchamp we strive to expose the arts, arts production & design to multi-generational communities.   We are committed to working with artists and activists, community members and community-based organizations engaged in social, political and cultural change. Our goal is to bring these diverse audiences together, creating cross-cultural dialogue, relationships and empowerment through the arts and community.

How we began

AI was started in 2002 by T. Pope Jackson.  After spending years navigating corporate America as the youngest buyer for the largest education publishing company in the world, he tracked assets for one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Pope excelled and elevated heights at every company he worked.  But that wasn’t enough.  Pope’s passion was and is truly for the arts and creating. He began immersing himself into the arts, working on any and every stage, film or TV production he could be apart of, in whatever capacity that was needed.  Many years and many, many productions later, Pope has brought AI to the forefront of Production Design.  With his wide and varied technical knowledge and experience, Actuator Inc. brings rounded and comprehensive tools to any project.

AI has produced many successful events throughout NYC.  Theater and live music are just some of the latest ventures AI is beginning to make its mark.

If you can dream it, we can make it real.

Listed on ProductionHUB.com in Production Companies – Live Event in New York

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If you can dream it, we can make it real!