Monthly Archives: October 2012

History Dances back to Harlem

HISTORY DANCES BACK TO HARLEM: Legendary Harvest Moon Ball Winners Return to the Dance Floor History dances back to Harlem. Special guests Sonny Allen, Crystal Johnson, Tiny Thomas, Sugar Sullivan, and other winners of Harlem’s Harvest Moon Ball Lindy Hop dance contests from the 1950′s to the 70′s, will once

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AI sponsors another event for Kids, join us for the fun!

The Great American Rap Album Pt. I

Peace Brothers and Sisters… Hope all is well. Just wanted to take the time out to drop the “willy bo-bo” on Lupe Fiasco’s latest project ….. Some may not overstand the all black packaging of this cd … yea that’s right yall …. The album cover is pitch black with

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